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Pam is an excellent instructor. She exudes a welcoming and down-to-earth approach as she coaches and instructs learners in conflict resolution and mediation skills. I highly recommend her as a mediator, instructor, and facilitator.

Leanne Harder, Skills Coach, Justice Institute of British Columbia

Pam has instructed in numerous classes for us for a wide variety of clients and learners. She is conscientious, caring and reliable, and has diverse experience and knowledge in the areas of conflict resolution, restorative justice and mediation education and training.

I recommend Pam without hesitation.

Kent Highnam, Coordinator, Customized Training SolutionsCentre for Conflict Resolution / Centre for Leadership, Justice Institute of British Columbia

Pam is a great communicator and very observant, she identified what she saw, assessed my feedback, and formed a learning plan for me.  She was also very encouraging, thorough and persistent. We would work on different skills until I was competent enough to use those skills on demand. Pam would ask the right questions to challenge me to think and at the same time clarify to her that I understood what she was trying to teach. Pam has the ability to break things down to its basic form to make it comprehensible. Many times I’ve asked myself, it’s so logical, why didn’t I think of it that way. She is very intuitive, in a debrief she mentioned to me that I was thinking of a specific outcome during the role play, she was correct.
Being coached by Pam was a positive experience, I’ve learned a lot and the sessions were always enjoyable/fun.


Pam is a valuable member of the faculty at the JIBC, Centre for Conflict Resolution. She teaches and coaches in a variety of courses, and receives very positive feedback from student and colleagues. Pam is always looking for new ways of engaging students and encouraging them to learn and explore ways of dealing with conflict.

Pam White, Former Dean, School of Community and Social Justice, Justice Institute of British Columbia

I have utilized Pam’s skills as a facilitator working with our Safety Committees at both Canfor and Tolko. As a facilitator she creates an environment where all participants become actively engaged in the process. The results are demonstrated in a strong commitment by the participants to achieving the targets and goals that are agreed to. Participants leave the process with positive comments about the process and Pam’s ability to engage them in a positive outcome.

Pat DonnellyOperations Manager – Canfor / Tolko

Pam’s firm yet gentle guidance has lifted me out of lifelong habits and helped me see where my perspective was limiting the possibilities available to me. Every conversation with her turns on a lightbulb: her insights, intuitive awareness, and no-nonsense pragmatism are a rare combination. Whether you’re looking to make a major life change, or just wanting to get the most out of the life you already have, you’ll be richer for having Pam in your corner.

Lauren Bacon, author and technology entrepreneur

A heron moves slowly through muddy waters….searching for things unnamed or sits patiently observing the world around them and other times the heron soars through the air full of grace and confidence, amazed at the beauty of the world around them.

As a coach Pam is right there with me, slopping through the mud while I explore the dark times, waiting patiently as I explore and observe what’s around me and finally she helps me soar and see the beauty of the world within me.

There are also times when the Heron makes a dive for something in the murky waters only to lose balance and fall in…..Pam is there too…with supportive compassion and sometimes to share in the laughter.


Pam worked with me to dig into what truly motivates me at work and how to deal with difficult client relationship issues.  We also discussed how I could get more satisfaction in my free time.  Since my meetings with her, I have produced a successful children’s tv show and have re-connected to my love of making art.  Pam is patient and thoughtful and helps you to ask yourself the questions that will move you forward.  By working with her and doing the homework she assigned, I feel I have a deeper understanding of how to be my best self.

B. Dawson

Working with Pam helped me gain clarity and stay grounded during a period of change and uncertainty in my life.

Through exercises, reflections, and questions, Pam provided a framework that helped me assess where I was at, where I wanted to go, and what were the blockages in getting there. With a forward-looking approach, Pam helped me set goals and follow through on my commitments to myself. Pam helped me more clearly articulate my values and then assess my possible career paths in terms of how they aligned with what was important to me.

The work was still mine to do, but Pam was an indispensable guide in the process, keeping me on track and accountable, always in a supportive way. The exercises and tools I learned will help me long into the future.

Amy Frye

Pam is a terrific listener and knew what questions to ask to help me find my way. I needed to make positive changes in every aspect of my life and Pam’s coaching has helped me do that.

Alan T.

I decided to try coaching to overcome a longstanding block I experienced with being successful at interviews. Pam put me at ease during our coaching sessions and skillfully helped me to believe in my ability to perform well at interviews and more importantly in many other areas of my life. Her coaching was a major contribution to my success in being offered the job of my dreams in a highly competitive process.


Pam Penner was exceptionally helpful to me when I was facing a transitional time in my career. She was able to assist me in isolating the issues I was facing and providing perspective that allowed me to move on. I would highly recommend her services.


Pam is a great contributor to our Instructor team for the UBC Certificate in Project Management. As an expert in conflict resolution, leadership and communications, she has guided our project teams through challenging conflict scenarios and has inspired them all to see a different perspective in managing project teams.

Fiona McAuley, Senior Program Leader, UBC Continuing Studies

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