Restorative Justice/Action Training

”Restorative justice involves looking beyond retribution to find deeper solutions that heal broken relationships.” – Unknown


Restorative Justice or Action is a transformative, healing approach to intervening when someone has been harmed by another person or people. It can be used in schools, the workplace, or the community.

The goal of this form of intervention is to promote healing and personal growth for both the person who has been harmed and the person who has caused harm. It promotes empowerment, relationship building and empathy – and a new awareness and understanding of the harm caused and its impact. Transformative healing implies a change at a deeper personal level that is lasting.

The desired outcome of restorative justice/action is apology, restitution and forgiveness.

Topics Include:

  • Principles of restorative action
  • Dynamics of conflict
  • Understanding your own style for dealing with conflict
  • Communication skills: listening, probing, acknowledging, empathic response, reframing, paraphrasing, summarizing, immediacy, transparency
  • Exploring the needs and restorative process benefits for victim or person that has been harmed
  • Elements of healing
  • Exploring the restorative process benefits for offenders or person who has caused the harm
  • Challenges in mediation
  • Developing negotiation skills
  • Initial meetings
  • Using a mediation model to intervene from initial contact to closure
  • The role of the mediator or facilitator – responsibilities & ethics
  • Thoughts on forgiveness
  • Handling emotions and the anger arousal cycle. How to defuse anger and self-manage when emotions run high
  • Dealing with resistance: defensiveness, positional behaviour, lying, minimization
  • Power imbalances and caucusing
  • Writing up an memorandum of understanding between parties



The learning environment includes instruction, exercises, small and large group discussions, and lots of hands-on practice. My goal is to help you develop your skills and sense of confidence in a non-threatening small group setting.


This training is designed to be delivered in five days. It can be delivered in half-day or full-day sessions. You can cherry pick the topics you would like covered in your session to reduce the time required for the training.

I am also a trainer for Community Justice Initiatives in Langley, B.C.

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