Workplace Mediation

Unresolved conflict in the workplace can result in low morale, cliques, inefficiencies, lack of productivity, physical and psychological illness, withholding information/knowledge, and competition. All of which are costly to an organization. Some issues that can be mediated include: roles and responsibilities, workload, project management, scheduling, performance, dealines, office conduct, resources, interaction in meetings, e-mail protocol, team guidelines, etc.

Family Relations Mediation

Issues that can be mediated include custody and access; child support; special expenses; children’s activities; and health care.

Restorative Action/
Restorative Justice

When a harm has occurred (such as in the case of harassment, verbal abuse, physical altercations) I meet with both parties to talk about what occurred, the impact it has had, and what solutions are possible to mitigate the problem and improve the working relationship.

Interpersonal Relationships

Building understanding between parties so they can reach agreement and more forward. Any issue that is impacting the relationship can be discussed.

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