Safety Committee Strategic Planning

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This two day workshop has proven successful in improving safety and in strengthening the functioning of safety committees.



In this highly participative environment, we focus on two areas:

  • Developing a safety plan that:
    • Identifies the strengths and weaknesses in both safety and your safety program
    • Reviews the success of current programs and plan for improvement
    • Identifies a goal that will drive your safety program
    • Identifies key objectives and specific, detailed action plans


  • Strengthening your safety committee by:
    • Introduction of a continuous improvement model and how it relates to the committee’s work
    • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
    • Identifying what is working well and what is not
    • Determining what changes, if any, need to occur
    • Creating an action plan
    • Creating a plan to improve communication

Length: Two days – 14 hours.

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