Strategic Planning

  • Develop clearly defined Goals, Objectives, and Action Plans that focus on taking your organization or department from where it is today to where you want it to be.

Safety Committee Planning

  • Develop clearly defined action plans that focus on achieving site-specific safety goals.

Business Improvement Committees

  • Identification of problems and issues, whether operational, procedural or mechanical, and the creation of action plans for improvement and correction. The focus is typically on improving efficiency and job satisfaction while cutting costs.

Building Trust and Cooperation

  • For groups who want to understand the fundamentals of building teamwork relationships. The group creates their picture/target of what their ideal team would look like (including attitudes and behaviours) and designs a plan of activities to begin work on the skills, roles and actions required to get there.

Interpersonal Dispute Resolution

  • Discussion about what lead up to dispute, the impact it is having on individuals, potential solutions to resolve dispute, and an action plan to implement agreement.
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